“We hired nextCoder to build a Data Warehouse and Pentaho BI System from the ground up. They were responsive and sensitive to our deadlines and went above and beyond to meet our needs.” – Andrea Hulcy, CFO, ID90T, Inc.

We are a team of data analysts, software architects, and developers with combined 40+ years of building Enterprise Software solutions. We help businesses make profitable decisions while increasing their capacity to grow.

Leadership Team

Will Gunadi, Principal Consultant, Data Management and BI Solutions

Will has 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Having to deal with projects in multiple industry domains, along with his background in Change Management, gives Will a unique perspective in approaching business problems through data analysis. Will is responsible for the direction of nextCoder, as well as our total commitment to not only solve our clients’ problems, but to leave in place a solid and reusable knowledge-base, as the ultimate measurement of service quality.

Cancan Gunadi, Principal Software Architect, IT Solutions Development

Cancan oversees the development of our IT solutions. Also with 20 years of experience in software development, Cancan brings in a process to rapidly adopt and/or evaluate enterprise tools. With his background in working with Student Information system that spans an entire state, and his recent experience working on Business Process Management system, Cancan gives us the ability to help our clients with tightly customized solutions that grows with their business.

How Can We Help?

If you spend too much or too little time on your reporting and analyzing your business data and numbers, we are here to help.  Whether it is integrating ERP systems, or any BI solutions, if it is related to growing your business by utilizing your business data more effectively, contact us at:atyourservice@nextcoder.com

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