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What we do for our clients:

  1. We work closely with our clients to define the crucial metrics that they need.
  2. We identify the various data sources (existing software packages, departments, external sources, etc).
  3. We pull these various data into a Data Warehouse where they are cleansed and correlated.
  4. We design the Dashboards, Reports, Business Alerts, and Data Entry Screens which tracks the metrics.
  5. We automate the data pull to the specified period (nightly, hourly, etc).
  6. We monitor the data pull on an on-going basis: adjust to data source changes, recover from error, etc

Real Client Story

The circled number was high in the double digits and is costing the company an estimated $130K per year.

Once we built this Dashboard, the number became visible to everyone in the company, which in turn helped them to take the necessary action to correct the situation. Within two weeks, the circled number dropped down to single digit. That is a saving of almost $50K per year, just by monitoring ONE metric out of many!

Click on the image to see the large version.

Gain Unparalleled Visibilities Into Each Client Account

Our Service-Based Client needs to know what’s the bottom line profit for each of their Customer Accounts. We combine data from Accounting Software, HR (salaries), and Project Management and built them the following Profitability Dashboard.

They used the Dashboard to fine tune their operation and to take necessary correctional actions!

Click on the image to see the large version.

Start with High-Level View, Drill-Down to Any Level of Details

For multi-location businesses, it is necessary to have access to high-level across the board numbers, as well as the ability to drill-down to specific location detail.

Our Dashboards provides that capability with simple click of a button.

Click on the image to see the large version.

Quickly Spot Alarming Situations with Effective Visualization

For our Oilfield Service/Fleet Client, two of the crucial metrics are Fuel Purchase Violations (drivers buying fuel outside of work-hours) and Underutilized Vehicles.

We combined data from Fuel Purchase Tracking system, HR (driver clock-in and clock-out), and GPS systems, and come up with the following Dashboard.

Click on the image to see the large version.

High-Visibility: Keep Everyone in the Company on the Same Page

Displaying effective Dashboards around your facility helps to keep everyone on the same page.

Here’s one of our Dashboards in action at one of our Client’s corporate office.

Click on the image to see the large version.

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