Custom Business System

In addition to our Business Dashboard and Data Warehouse Service, we also design and develop custom enterprise systems for our clients.

Whether its a software system for new business ideas, or to streamline existing business process, we work closely with our clients to implement lean and effective systems for them.

Using our rapid-customization enterprise-class software platform, we deliver quick results to our clients. This means they don’t have to start from scratch!


Real Customer Stories

Benefit: 100% increase in capacity and visibility

One of our clients needed a system that can help them see their “pipeline”, i.e: the stages of each of their customers, so they can put more resources where they are needed and plan for their marketing effort. We developed for the a custom Case Management system. Results? They told us it’s 100% increase in capacity and visibility!

Benefit: Increased Accuracy and Ability to Analyze Data

Another client of ours started out with managing their crucial data on several 2000-line Excel spreadsheets — information that couldn’t really be managed by the other software platforms they were using. Over time, this data becomes unmanageable using spreadsheets. We developed for them a Custom-Designed Data Management and Workflow system that fits them like a glove! The results are increased capacity & accuracy, much more robust data management & automations, and also crucial ability to analyze the data for fine tuning and correctional actions!

Benefit: Ease of Access Through the Internet

Our software platform are cloud-based, that means our users can access it from anywhere on the internet — perfect for starting new online marketplace such as this online trading platform:

Benefit: Less Manual Work, Increased Capacity

A different client had an idea to capture data using tablet-friendly data entry screens, complete with on-screen timers to automatically capture the timing of the process. We brought this idea into reality with a custom system built on top of our platform.

Our other features: Barcode Generation and Barcode-Scanner Integration, mapping capability, and of course: integration with our DWDigest Data Analytics and Dashboard Platform!

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