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Having high-quality Data Warehouse plays a key role in running and growing a business. Most successful businesses is ahead of their competitors in this regard.

We do not sell BI tools because tools alone cannot build you a good Data Warehouse. Our experience with data is the one that will let you see your business in a new light. Now that, is Intelligent Business.

The devil is in the detail. Really!

When talking about Dashboards, most people immediately think of the charts, graphs, or tables on the screen. Those are the easy part!

Behind every successful BI project, there’s a properly designed (and maintained) Data Warehouse, where all the data can be cleansed, merged and structured for analysis.

This Data Warehouse needs to be monitored daily (or even more frequently in some cases) to adjust for ever changing data, ever changing data-sources, and to recover from data errors.

Our Data Warehouse Solutions

Building a Data Warehouse is not a trivial undertaking. If your business has reached the point where the amount of sales, customer, vendor, inventory, and financial data accumulated is large enough, it is time to consider building one.

We have the necessary framework and automations for maintaining successful Data Warehouse. Here’s a screenshot from our proprietary Data Extraction Agents (affectionately called “minions”) Scheduling Dashboards:

Click on the image to see the large version.

Click on the image to see the large version.

Your own Data Warehouse is a system that enables you to make better decisions, both strategically and tactically. Furthermore, your business data is not only valuable to you, but also to your customers, vendors, and other parties in your industries. Which is an opportunity to generate new revenue streams. Realize its true potential with a Data Warehouse.

  • Manage your Business Rules in addition to your data
  • Detect holes and inaccuracies within your current systems
  • Notify you when a crucial, data triggered event happens
  • Employ Data Analysis processes to discover potentials among seemingly unrelated data
  • Use those potentials to generate new revenue streams, or create one just by serving information back to your customers
  • Allow you to know precisely how your business is doing at any given time
  • We also handle “Big Data” projects

To gain insight on what a Data Warehouse can do for your business, download this free (no signing up or giving any of your information) whitepaper:

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