Business Dashboard

Every information that your business generates is like a heartbeat. Imagine being able to watch your business as it runs and grows daily.

Our system pulls data constantly from virtually any platform that has API. This is a growing list:

  • Google tools (e.g Docs, Analytics, Webmaster)
  • Amazon Cloud API (e.g AWS, Bookstore)
  • Quickbooks Online and Desktop
  • WordPress forms
  • ERP systems (e.g Odoo)
  • Call systems (e.g Shoretel)
  • Time-tracking systems (e.g Harvest, EverHour)
  • Project systems (e.g Basecamp, Asana)
  • PropertyWare
  • Bank servers (e.g Wells Fargo Positive Pay)
  • MaxEmail
  • Mail Services via IMAP (e.g EarthClassMail)
  • Custom-made business systems
  • And of course, the systems we build for our clients

Automated Reports and Dashboards Solutions

A dashboard is as valuable as an extension of the brain. How do you currently measure your business performance? How long does it take you to do it each time?

Quickly spot Underutilized Vehicles by just looking at the Circle positions

Quickly spot Underutilized Vehicles by just looking at the Circle positions

Our next generation dashboards enable business owners to keep track of their progress without wasting time creating reports, so they can focus on what they like to do: Running their business.

But not only that, they could also control specific business parameters and see what the impact is. This level of interactivity is unheard of before — the ability to drill-down to each needed detail. With it, the dashboard truly becomes the extension of their mind in terms of planning and forecasting their business’ future. It’s time to get your own Business Dashboards.

Scoreboard Dashboard blue theme md
Click on the image to see the large version.

  • Consolidate data from your spreadsheets, accounting system, social media accounts, to view their impact on your business
  • Measure your business components (Marketing campaigns, Employee Performance, Inventory Control, Vendor Services, Accounting Forecasts, etc.)
  • Empower not only yourself, but also your managers with Dashboards specific to their departments
  • Compare vendors and know exactly what you are paying for
  • Know more about your customers and potential ones as well
  • There is no business too small to benefit from this service. Even if your entire business data is contained within a spreadsheet, there will be undiscovered information in it that you can use
  • We take care of data hosting

To gain insight on what a Business Dashboard can do for your business, download this free (no signing up or giving any of your information) whitepaper:

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