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Can You Save 15 Hours of Meeting Time per Month ?

Posted by Cancan Gunadi on January 24, 2018  /   Posted in BI and Custom Development, Business, Data Best Practices


Can you really save 15 hours of meeting times, company-wide, per month?

The answer is, yes, potentially.

Properly designed Dashboards gather all the necessary information beforehand. Employees come to meetings ready to discuss the matters at hand. Instead of spending the first 15 minutes telling everyone what the issues are, you can start discussing the solutions quicker because everyone is on the same page.

Let’s do the math, let’s say on average:

  • Saving of 10-15 minutes per meeting
  • Average of 3 meetings/day, company-wide
  • Average 15-20 days/month when meetings occur
  • Average 3-5 people per meeting

That equals to 900 minutes of saving, or a saving of 7-15 hours of meeting time, per month, multiplied by the number of employees in each meeting!

Of course, the numbers are based on estimate. However, if you are a medium/large size company, think of how many meetings occur across your departments at any given day!

Time saving is only one of many benefits a company can derive from properly designed Dashboards (or Data Integration, Data Analytics, Data Automation).

Simply put, Dashboards broadcast relevant and pertinent measurements throughout the office and facilities. When the relevant measurements are visible at all times, employees have higher motivations to correct the situation or improve the numbers.

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